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Anger Management

Angry all the time?
Are you “losing it” on people you really care about?
Is “road rage” getting the best of you?

Anyone can become angry - that is so easy. But to become angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not so easy. Aristotle

In other words, the goal is to use anger constructively and respectfully.

How respectful is your anger?

What is your anger creating?

The goal of anger management counselling is to deepen self understanding, grow self control, and resolve the underlying issues in life contributing to the experience of anger and rage. Healthy experiences of anger are an important and normal part of being human.

Anger is like the tip of an iceberg, the important stuff lies out of sight, under the water. A therapist can assist you to see beneath the surface, to help understand what’s underlying your anger – perhaps stress, fear, frustration, disappointment…,

As part of your counselling we would explore:

  • Anger’s purpose and its effect on the brain/mind/body
  • The deeper meanings and feelings underneath anger
  • The “I lost it” anger escalation process
  • Skills to relax, stay calm, let go, and not react.
  • How to get out of the “blame game,” and take responsibility.
  • Anger in your family growing up.
  • Choices about anger – What does respectful productive anger look like?
  • Anger vs. aggression, what’s the difference.
  • Self awareness and taking ownership for anger
  • Self control vs. controlling others
  • Masculine myths about anger rage and control
  • How are women’s experiences of anger different from men’s?

In counselling, all these aspects of anger and emotions are addressed.

Counselling is like having a coach, to teach and encourage you as you develop self control skills, new perspectives, and solutions to your life challenges.

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