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Benefits of Counselling

Are You Looking For Change? Want To Get Unstuck?

Talking with a therapist will open possibilities for:

  • Finding power and choice when problems feel overwhelming.
  • Overcoming depression and re- experiencing hope and joy.
  • Learning and growing through loss and grief, (including the loss of family pets).
  • Liberation from addictive behaviours & substance misuse.
  • Finding assertive and healthy ways to respond to the addictive behaviour or substance misuse of someone you love.
  • Understanding the meaning behind anger and learning respectful ways to communicate intense emotions.
  • Growing safe and meaningful relationships.
  • Learning to let go of trying to control others through intimidation or violence and reconnect with behaviors that communicate respect and kindness.
  • Keeping yourself and your family safe when responding to abuse or violence of your partner.
  • Nurturing intimacy with your partner as a foundation to sexual satisfaction.
  • Finding your voice in the midst of crazy making abusive relationships.
  • Becoming the parent you really want to be.
  • Turning life and family transitions (retirement, critical illness, empty nest) into seasons of discovery.
  • Creating a purposeful life and a balanced sense of wellbeing.
  • Developing new meaning in life.
  • Exploring spirituality, growing faith, and discovering spiritual disciplines.
  • The safe telling of "secrets" and stories of pain and suffering, oppression and abuse, and the celebration of stories of resistance and resilience.