Title: Scott Harrison, MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor contact Scott for a free consultation
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Free 30 minute consultation - 604-592-6780

As compared to the "50 minute" counselling session, I provide a full 60 minutes plus additional 5 minutes to make payment and book your next session.

Fee is $147 which includes the GST.
($140 + $7 GST = $147 Total)

Some individuals find it more helpful to work with sessions that are 30, or 90 minutes in length. I am happy to negotiate this and adjust the fee accordingly.

Payment Methods: e-Transfer, Visa, & Mastercard

I prefer if you can e-Transfer payment prior to the session. I will provide an official receipt with my registration number by e-mail or text.

Health Plans

This receipt may be remitted to some insurance companies for reimbursement. I recommend calling your plan provider to ensure coverage and any annual dollar limits, as it has been my experience that the print material provided to plan members is often incomplete. You may be able to report counselling fees on your tax return. Please check with your accountant.

Reports & Letters

The fee for written reports and letters is charged according to the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors fee guide